Vitamin D3 + K2


  • increased immunity of the body
  • enhanced bone and teeth mineralization
  • protection against depression, low mood

Vitamin D3 + K2 – known as the “vitamin of life” – supports the normal functioning of almost all body systems and organs. Vitamin K2 is an important addition to vitamin D without which its effects are diminished

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The EvaLab Vitamin D3 is a product in a highly absorbable softgel formulation.

It demonstrates multifaceted physiological effects, mainly on the calcium-phosphorus metabolism and on maintaining correct bone structure and function.

Vitamin D, also known as “vitamin of life”, supports correct absorption/use of calcium and phosphorus and helps maintain normal blood calcium levels. In addition, it helps maintain healthy bones and teeth, and supports normal functioning of the muscles and the immune system.

Adequate levels of this vitamin translate also into well-functioning cardiovascular system, slim silhouette and reduced risk of cancer.

It is beyond doubt that vitamin D plays a significant role in the immune system, and its deficiency is associated with:

  • susceptibility to infections,
  • serious auto-aggressive diseases (caused by an immune reaction against the body’s own tissues), such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis or type 1 diabetes mellitus,
  • increased incidence of malignancies – mainly breast, colorectal, prostate or kidney cancer,
  • carbohydrate-lipid imbalance – type 2 diabetes mellitus and other associated metabolic disorders,
  • increased incidence of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attack and stroke.